Our Services

One G Services focuses on effectively addressing the three hard project areas of technical, institutional and financial while integrating and aligning the softer social and environmental aspects into project structure and strategy, to develop holistic solutions. The Company remains flexible in order to efficiently augment and complement client and project structures and offers the following key services:


  • Property sourcing, securing, negotiations and evaluations
  • Due diligence and feasibility assessments
  • Project conceptualisation and scoping
  • Project and financial structuring and modelling
  • Assistance with various development and associated agreements 


  • Stakeholder and institutional management and implementation modelling
  • Assistance with relevant policy, structures and legislative compliance
  • Development management
  • Project management
  • Assistance with financial control, project reconciliation and reporting

 One G Services is a management and development consulting professional, fulfilling a close, strategic role for clients. Although we have expertise and qualifications in various professional service areas including finance, engineering, townplanning, institutional policies and compliance, One G Services does not directly offer specific professional services. Rather, the Company offers pure and unbiased project initiation, preparation and management services to our clients.

Typical activities the Company carries out in providing the above services include:

Project identification and conceptualisation

Project identification, analysis of project influencers, formulating potential scope and advising on land use mix, products and typologies.

Project evaluation

Identification of project constraints, risks, requirements and opportunities, due diligence assessments for project execute-ability (implementation viability) and assessment of project feasibility (financial viability).

Project structuring

Defining project components and engineering these into an overall, well-structured project. Matching implementation and funding solutions as well as procurement and contracting approaches within the project structures.

Institutional frameworks

Including stakeholder identification, institutional modelling, contractual structuring, legislative and related legal inputs.

Implementation modelling

Recommend applicable implementation approaches and structures, set-up implementation frameworks, compile overall, integrated implementation model.

Financing solutions

Matching of funding solutions to project components, facilitation of funding where applicable / appropriate, structuring project financial solutions.

Development Management

Strategic management and advice related to client organisational objectives and requirements, focussed on strategy, risk, financial, reputational and structuring aspects.

Project Management

Management and control of projects initiated through the above processes, focussed on scope, time, budget, quality and resource aspects.