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One G Services was established in 2010 and has quickly developed a reputation as a reliable, specialist professional service provider, offering expertise focussing on property and infrastructure development, including development management, project management and associated structuring, institutional and financial related services.

One G Services offers a unique broad base of skills and experience through its range of highly qualified and professionally registered staff. The Company’s human resources are diverse and include qualifications and expertise in project management, financial management, internal auditing, engineering, town planning, quantity surveying and marketing.

Our experience and networks in the applicable fields, position the company to offer a holistic project and development management service to clients. One G integrates these diverse resources to offer holistic, yet focussed consulting and management services to clients within the development environment.

Our service philosophy is focussed on understanding and integrating the objectives of the multiple stakeholders involved on development projects. These objectives form the guiding principles for the Company’s centralised management strategy on projects, which aligns the various service providers to effectively address critical project areas, to meet client needs.

One G’s management philosophy, as the name denotes, is thus to understand its client’s nature, objectives and requirements and integrate these with other project stakeholders such as financiers, government departments and authorities, the affected public and the target market of the project.

In short, the business philosophy of One G Services is to be the specific partner, which property investors and developers choose, to gather the various streams of project facets and processes into an integrated and aligned flow of effort, strategically directed and managed to achieve success.

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